Blessed art thou, Oh Lord our God, King of the Universe, who kept us alive, preserved us and enabled us to reach this season

Your collection of personal data is essential for the creation of your wimpel.  Know as much of the information listed below as possible before starting your wimpel. Time spent in research with loved ones and family will enhance the experience. Each individual in your family may be inspired to contribute. The following suggestions should provide a substantial beginning when collecting information to be noted in your Torah binder. Enjoy the process, no matter whether your focus is to create a group/family tree wimpel or for a specific individual. The following list will hopefully assist you in your research.

Wimpel Statistics

  • Family Name(S):
  • Individual Name:
  • English:
  • Hebrew:
  • Other:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Place of Birth:
  • Astrological Sign:
  • Date of Brit Milah(M) or Naming(F) and Location:
  • Torah Portion of the Week:
  • Haftorah Portion of the Week:
  • Congregational Affiliation and Location:
  • Symbols Relevant to the Family:
  • Tribe: Hands of Kohanim, Animal or other symbol
  • Hobby or Interest of Note:
  • Names of parents, grandparents, etc:
  • English:
  • Hebrew:
  • Other:
  • Mother Tongue spoken by family:
  • Countries of Maternal/Paternal Origin:
  • Quotes of Inspiration or Significance to Family:
  • Notation of Family pet(s):

Space Saved for Pertinent Information* is essential. Consider the following:

  • Hebrew Day School Graduation
  • Afternoon/Sunday School Awards
  • Hebrew High and Confirmation
  • B'nai Mitzvot
  • Wedding
  • Notation of Siblings
  • Children of couple: names and pertinent information
  • Connections with Israel
  • Congregational Honors

*Your wimpel should be taken to the Synagogue to be utilized as a Torah binder with notation of these events and dates added in celebration of each simcha.

Special Prayers/Inscriptions should be relevantly placed.

Inscription: Prayer containing "Study of Torah, Chuppah (wedding canopy) and Maasim Tovim (good deeds)"? Blessing for the Son or Daughter Any Prayer significant to your Family

This research is the first step toward the creation of your wimpel with the substance that makes you very special. I wish you a happy beginning to a wonderful and fulfilling life-long adventure.

--Bonnie Kaplan, Wimpel Designer